Hiking & Adventure Club


The function of education is to bring change in student behavior and personality in a more desirable form. Development of student’s body and mind demand proper nurturing of its physical and intellectual qualities as few of the major determinants of his personality. Therefore, modern approaches of education emphasize on all round development of the student. The process of education is not something static or one time measure rather, continuous and lifelong endeavors that can be divided in two parts; curricular activities and co-curricular activities. These are also recognized as a source of enrichment and vitalization of the curriculum, mainly through the cultivation of hobbies, interests, etc. these activities are no longer looked upon as extras but as an integral part of the institution syllabus. The distinction between curricular and extracurricular is gradually disappearing in modern educational practice and the coordination and integration of all the experiences of the pupils’ intellectual, social, moral, emotional and physical abilities has become the object of the persistent efforts of the institution.

Co-curricular activities, as the name implies, are those, not directly related with the prescribed curriculum and include; sports, athletics, scouting, clubbing, various hobbies, excursions literary societies, dramatics, debates etc. to bring social and physical adjustments in the student. The basic idea behind such activities in educational institutions is the building up of the student character and personality as well as training of their mind that may help /facilitate academic achievements of the student. However, over the years it was noticed that most of the institutions in Pakistan were paying over emphasis to academic activities for the sake of achieving better percentage of the passed candidates and winning award and ranks than in organizing suitable activities to improve the personality and the talents of the students. This shift in mindset has led to a new approach giving special attention to the studies, and ignoring co-curricular activities altogether. Whereas, it is believed that unless balancing both the curricular and co curricular activities is done the very purpose of education would be left unrealized.

In this regard, the office of Director Societies University of Malakand serves as a unifying force in the campus life of all members of the University community - students, faculty, staff and alumni. Our services and programs are a catalyst for social, cultural, recreational and intellectual growth. The Campus, as part of the educational program, serves as a laboratory of citizenship, developing socially responsible leaders essential for democracy.Our goal is to encourage students to seek a level of excellence higher than they ever imagined, in individual social competency as well as group effectiveness. The Campus provides the stimulus for realizing potential, hidden or obvious, as individuals maximize their skills, talents and abilities in the achievement of their visions. The student life program, in complement with our academic program, is designed to enhance the total development of our students.


  1. To polish the hidden qualities of students.
  2. To train the students to Work as a team.
  3. The enjoy the spirit of adventure.
  4. It help in Character Building of students.
  5. To prepare students for all practical ends.
  6. To enhance the creative potential of the students.
  7. To inculcate in students the spirit of healthy competition.
  8. To induce in students the sense of love, sacrifice and service to the entire creation.
  9. To prepare the students for future challenges in the global context.
  10. To keep students away from unwanted/undesirable associations.
  11. To promote teamwork among students.


  1. To promote tourism.
  2. To promote natural and hidden beauty of Pakistan.
  3. To explore the landscape and culture of far and wide regions of Pakistan.
  4. To promote the social life of the members.
  5. To arrange short visits to the historical places to highlight cultural profiles.
  6. To make people aware of the diverse culture and traditions of Pakistan.
  7. To bring cultural tourism and landscape tourism under government notice.
  8. To subscribe or become a member of any other society or organization having similar objectives.
  9. Showing documentaries made by the students of Hiking and Expedition Society of different areas in the country.
  10. To organize and publicize social events.