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It is my pleasure to announce the launching of Students Advancement Fund Endowment (SAFE) at the University of Malakand. I believe that this fund would receive an unwavering support from all of you. I understand that through donations, gifts and bequests, SAFE scholarships will continue to support bright, talented and needy students of the University of Malakand.

Furthermore, we are determined to promote the great traditions of Philanthropy at the University of Malakand by consistently working together. This would help improve the social, economic and educational conditions of the underprivileged communities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, especially, Malakand division.

It is my firm conviction that this step of the University of Malakand would usher into a new era where deserving and poor students would get an opportunity for quality education.  Hence, my full support would be with SAFE team and I appeal to all to contribute to the fund with open heart.

Prof. Dr. Johar Ali

Vice Chancellor, University of Malakand

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University of Malakand aspires to become a beacon of hope and prosperity for Malakand Division in particular and the whole Pakistani community in general. Towards this end we are striving to make a mechanism of inclusive education by establishing SAFE (Students Advancement Fund Endowment) at the University. SAFE would be financing underprivileged students who cannot acquire higher education due to financial constraints. We are committed to finance at least 20 deserving and needy students in the first year and would yearn to reach out our target of 200 scholarships a year in five years. As a member of the board of trustees of SAFE I urge you, with all humility and the passion for serving our community, to donate with open hands and be part of the golden history of Philanthropy.

Prof. Dr. Mir Azam Khan

Registrar, University of Malakand


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Our students are among the most talented and brightest. Unfortunately some of these talented students are finding it hard to excel their potentials due to their financial problems. University of Malakand in collaboration with Higher Education commission has initiated a scheme entitled “Student Advancement Fund Endowment” (SAFE) to help and support brilliant students. The main sources of SAFE’s income for the scholarships are donations, which will not only enable deprived students to gain higher education but will also help in promoting the bright UOMians to achieve their dreams of receiving higher education. Indeed, supporting these students would mean supporting their families and the society in general. The generosity of your donations will be creating a wave of new possibilities at University of Malakand. You are therefore humbly requested to donate for education, advancement of knowledge and uplift of the society.

Dr. Arshad Ali

Executive Director


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