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Only through an easily accessible system to education that is of a high quality, contemporary and at par with the developed countries, can the national accumulation of knowledge, expertise and economic growth be achieved.  It is part of higher educationís role in Pakistan to produce professionals, scholars and leaders who can lead the country out of the poverty into an economically sustainable nation. Benefits of receiving higher education include personal achievements as well as social benefits such as promoting civic participation, moderation and tolerance in hopes of reducing violence and unlawful acts.  The goal of establishing SAFE is to enable more students to access and receive a quality education at University of Malakand.


The goal of the Student Advancement Fund Endowment (SAFE) is to promote higher education in Pakistan by increasing the access to University of Malakand. SAFE will achieve this goal by establishing the endowment fund dedicated to provide scholarships and financial aid to needy students. The Endowment Fund will be invested in guaranteed income instruments such as government bonds. Only half of the gains, at the end of each year will be used for scholarships. The other half of the gains together with the principal will be reinvested so that SAFE becomes a source of awarding scholarships in perpetuity. The scholarship programs supported by the Fund will ensure that talented students are not deprived of their education because of their financial status and will have a chance to excel in their studies while attending University of Malakand.

The objectives of this project are:

1.      To produce enough investment gains to be spent exclusively in awarding scholarship to needy students;

2.      To provide talented needy students with financial means to attend and excel at the University of Malakand ;

3.      To increase incrementally each year SAFEís principal amount and its annual spending in scholarships;

4.      To design and implement programs that will increase the number of need based scholarships awarded to meritorious students;

5.      To increase public awareness about the importance of financing and supporting equal access to quality higher education.

The Student Advancement Fund Endowment will ensure a continuous and stable source of funding scholarship program that would support student advancement. The goal of SAFE is to raise at least Rs. 10 million in the first year of operation in addition to the seed money of Rs. ONE Million that will be donated by PEP Foundation, so that the Fund will be able to generate enough revenue through investment earnings to support the student scholarship program.

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