All those students who submitted their Registration forms in their respective Departments and their names are missing in the tentative Registration list must contact office of Deputy Controller of Examination.

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Tentative list of registered students for convocation 2019
S.No1. Department of Chemistry
 S.NoReg. NoNameF/NameSessionCGPA/MarksGenderGold MedalDegreeMaleFemaleTotal Candidates
1120110120013MUHAMMAD ALIAMAN GUL2011-20153.97MBS (4-Year) in Chemistry11415
2220110120008TASKEEN MAHMOODHAYA MAHMOOD2011-20153.47FBS (4-Year) in Chemistry   
3320110120003SADIA QAZIMUHAMMAD HALEEM2011-20153.45F BS (4-Year) in Chemistry   
441204422KAMRAN ULLAHAMAN ULLAH2012-20163.83MBS (4-Year) in Chemistry   
551204417ADIL KHANRAHMAN GUL2012-20163.78M BS (4-Year) in Chemistry   
6620111220030HIRA MUHAMMAD FAYAZ2013-20151200 / 828F M.Sc (CHEMISTRY) FINAL   
771304443FATIMA BIBIUBAID ULLAH2013-20151200 / 961FM.Sc (CHEMISTRY) FINAL   
8820060030204SHER ALI KHANFAZAL MANAN2010-20133.66M Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry   
991204453MUHAMMAD IKRAMKHAN BAD SHAH2012-2014 M Master of Philosophy in Chemistry   
10102006570037SHAHID KHANMUHAMMAD SHAH KHAN2012-2014 M Master of Philosophy in Chemistry   
11112006530033MAHMOOD FAZALFAZAL HAMEED2013-2015 M Master of Philosophy in Chemistry   
121220090100026MUHAMMAD IKRAMKHAN MUHAMMAD2014-2016 M Master of Philosophy in Chemistry   
131320090100012MASOOD SHAHGUL BAD SHAH2014-2016 M Master of Philosophy in Chemistry   
14142009430537NOOR UL ISLAMMUHAMMAD SHAFI2014-2016 M Master of Philosophy in Chemistry   
151520100100014NOOR ISLAMMUHAMMAD KALAM2010-20143.66MBS (4-Year) in Chemistry   
 2. Department of Pharmacy
16120100030005ANISABAHRI KARAM2010-20153.82F Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)538
17220100030009HUMA GHANIFAZAL GHANI2010-20152.96F Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)   
18320100030027ZAKIR ALIABDUR RASHID KHAN2010-20153.84MDoctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)   
19420110030007SHAHRYAR SHAHSHAH JEHAN2011-20163.78MDoctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)   
20520110030020NASIR ALIWAZIR ZADA2011-20163.52M Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)   
21620030030029ERUM MUNIRFAZLI MUNIR2013-20153.93F Master of Philosophy in Pharmacy   
22720110030013AMJAD ALI KHANAKBAR HUSSAIN2011-20163.55M Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)   
23820010030002IMRAN KHANZIARAT GUL2008-20133.60M Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy   
 3. Department of Biotechnology
2411200405SIDRA RAHMANAMIR RAHMAN2012-20163.70F BS (4-Year) in Biotechnology5712
2521200401ASIA HABIBHABIB UR SARWAR2012-20173.70F BS (4-Year) in Biotechnology   
2631200403LAILA HAMAYUMMUHAMMAD HAMAYUN2012-20163.37F BS (4-Year) in Biotechnology   
2741200406UROBA ALIALI GUL2012-20163.58F BS (4-Year) in Biotechnology   
2851200404PERVEEN NISARNISAR AHMAD2012-20163.60F BS (4-Year) in Biotechnology   
2961200429ATTA ULLAHASHBAR KHAN2012-20183.82MBS (4-Year) in Biotechnology   
30720110020012ANEES AHMADWAHID KHAN2011-20153.81M BS (4-Year) in Biotechnology   
31820070020002NADIA KHADIMKHADIM MUHAMMAD2013-2015 F Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology   
32920010020037NASIR ALISAADAT ALI2013-2016 M Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology   
331020070020003RUQIA ALIALI MUHAMMAD2014-2016 F Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology   
341120110020023DAYUM IQBAL KHANMUHTAMIM KHAN2011-20162.92M BS (4-Year) in Biotechnology   
351220030020018AMIN ULLAH JANRAHMAT ULLAH JAN2012-20153.59M Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology   
 4. Department of Botany
3611203235HEERAMUHAMMAD JAMIL2012-20163.82FBS (4-Year) in Botany4711
37220110090009TAHIR ULLAHSHAFIULLAH2011-20153.77MBS (4-Year) in Botany   
3831203238ABDUL HAMIDALI RAHMAN2012-20163.72M BS (4-Year) in Botany   
3941221502AYESHA HAMEEDHAMEED KHAN2014-2016998 / 1200FM.Sc (Botany) FINAL   
4051221533MARWA ALAMJEHAN ALAM2014-2016971 / 1200F M.Sc (Botany) FINAL   
4161221555RABIA SHAHFAZLE MOLA2014-2016856 / 1200F M.Sc (Botany) FINAL   
4271403243ZEENAT BIBIFAZLI WAHAB2014-2016908 / 1200F M.Sc (Botany) FINAL   
4382010430427GHANI REHMANGHAUSUR REHMAN2012-2014941 / 1200M M.Sc (Botany) FINAL   
4492004570045MUHAMMAD IRSHADMUHAMMAD SHER2012-2016 M Doctor of Philosophy in Botany   
45101403242SHARIQA SHABEENAJAMIL AHMAD2014-2016822 / 1200F M.Sc (Botany) FINAL   
46111403244NAILARAFIULLAH2014-2016828 / 1200F M.Sc (Botany) FINAL   
 5. Department of Social Work
4711405245AMJAD ALISARBILAND KHAN2014-2016878 / 1100MM.A (Social Work) FINAL516
4822011790063MARIA BIBIQALAR KHAN2014-2016699 / 1100F M.A (Social Work) FINAL   
49320110140030SANA ULLAHSAMI ULLAH2011-20153.7MBS (4-Year) in Social Work   
5041205231SHUAIB AHMADMUHMAMMAD MUKHTIAR2012-20163.66MBS (4-Year) in Social Work   
5151205213JAWAD KHANMUHAMMAD DIYAR2012-20163.34M BS (4-Year) in Social Work   
5261205221NOUMANMOHAMMAD NAZIR KHAN2012-20162.56M BS (4-Year) in Social Work   
 6. Department of Zoology
5312010470001BIBI HAFSARAHIM ULLAH2012-2014998 / 1200F M.Sc (Zoology) FINAL167
5421221501ANDALEEB BAHARATTA UR RAHMAN2014-20161013 / 1200FM.Sc (Zoology) FINAL   
55320110150017AJMAL KHANADALAT KHAN2011-20153.78MBS (4-Year) in Zoology   
5642011015004ANDALEEB ANWARASWAR SAID2011-20153.27F BS (4-Year) in Zoology   
5751305642SADIA WAHABFAZLE WAHAB2013-20151021 / 1200FM.Sc (Zoology) FINAL   
5861305644SOBIA BIBIABDUL GHANI2013-2015941 / 1200F M.Sc (Zoology) FINAL   
59720110150003SUMAYYA GULMUHAMMAD FAYYAZ2011-20153.44F BS (4-Year) in Zoology   
 7. Department of Islamic Studies
6011208003ATTA ULLAHMOHAMMAD FAHIM2012-20163.86M BS (4-Year) in Islamic Studies19322
6122006710145ARSALA KHANMOHAMMAD ABDUS SAMI2014-2016 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
62320081020003MUBARAK ZEBBUZARG MUHAMMAD2014-2016 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
6342007730307AFTAB AHMADUMER KHALIQ2014-2016 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
6452006770505ZABIH ULLAHMIRAJ UD DIN2014-2016 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
6562004730703AKBAR ALIABDUL KABIR KHAN2014-2016 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
6671408039ABDUR RAHIMMUHAMMAD ZAHID2014-2016 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
6781408038MUHAMMAD ABDUL HAQSHAH WADAN2014-2016 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
6892005730151MUHAMMAD JAVEDKHUIDAD KHAN2013-2015 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
69101408037MERAJ UD DINALI JAN2014-2016 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
70112002710031MUHAMMAD SHAFIQKARWANY2013-2015 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
71121208006NAILA MUHAMMAD YAR2012-20163.32F BS (4-Year) in Islamic Studies   
72131208014NASEEM KHANAZIZ UR RAHMAN2012-20163.52M BS (4-Year) in Islamic Studies   
73141208004ZAHOOR ULLAHMIAN JAN2012-20163.25M BS (4-Year) in Islamic Studies   
74151208009BILAL AHMADFAZAL RABBI SHAKIR2012-20163.87MBS (4-Year) in Islamic Studies   
75161208005FARMAN ULLAHMUHAMMAD ZAHIR KHAN2012-20163.44M BS (4-Year) in Islamic Studies   
76171408034ABUZAR SHAHSHAHEEN SHAH2014-20163.96MM.A (Islamic Studies) FINAL   
77182010830071MUHAMMAD SULEMANNOOR GHANI2013-2015778 / 1100M M.A (Islamic Studies) FINAL   
78192010830046IQBAL HUSSAINGUL MEHMOOD2013-2015672 / 1100M M.A (Islamic Studies) FINAL   
79202008520119SHAKILA NAZFATEH RAHMAN2013-2015735 / 1100F M.A (Islamic Studies) FINAL   
80211224676SEEMA MAQBOLA KHAN2014-20163.92F M.A (Islamic Studies) FINAL   
81222005750646FAZAL AHADABDUL QADIR2013-2015 M M.Phil in (Islamic Studies)   
 8. Department of Statistics
8212010480060SARDAR HUSSAINSHERIN ZAMAN2013-2015782 / 1200M M.Sc (Statistics) FINAL9110
83220110130010JAWAD ULLAHSADULLAH KHAN2011-20152.53M BS (4-Year) in Statistics   
8431304854ZAHID KHANSAID AZIM KHAN2013-20153.3M Master of Philosophy in Statistics   
85420110130009NOAMAN KHANABDUR RAHMAN2011-20153.13M BS (4-Year) in Statistics   
8652011013RAFIULLAHRAZA MUHAMMAD2011-20153.14M BS (4-Year) in Statistics   
87620110130005WAQAR AHMADWAHEED ULLAH KHAN2011-20153M BS (4-Year) in Statistics   
8871222588MUHAMMAD SHAHIDALAM SHAH2014-2016966 / 1200MM.Sc (Statistics) FINAL   
8981204815ZAIN ULLAHMATIULLAH2012-20163.67MBS (4-Year) in Statistics   
90920110130014SADAM HUSSAINHAMISH GUL2011-20153.89MBS (4-Year) in Statistics   
911020110130001SHAHANA NIAZSYED NIAZ MUHAMMAD2011-20153.44F BS (4-Year) in Statistics   
 9. Department of Physics
9211204004ROHI BANOABDUL WADOOD2012-20163.92FBS (4-Year) in Physics246
9322002570240ANWAR ALI KHANMUHAMMAD GHAFOOR2013-20153.75M Master of Philosophy in Physics   
94320110110001KIRAN MUSHTAQMUSHTAQ UR REHMAN2011-20153.88FBS (4-Year) in Physics   
95420110110002ARSHI GULALAIKHURSHID ALAM2011-20153.38F BS (4-Year) in Physics   
9651231319ZIAUD DINKHATIR MUHAMMAD2014-20163.2M BS (4-Year) in Physics   
9761204005SHAFQATNOWSHERWAN2012-20163.27F BS (4-Year) in Physics   
 10. Department of Geology
9811209616ISRAR UD DINAMIR MUHAMMAD2012-20163.56M BS (4-Year) in Geology303
9921209609ABOOBAKKAR SADDIQMUHAMMAD SHAH KHAN2012-20163.53M BS (4-Year) in Geology   
10031209623MUHAMMAD NIGARMUHAMMAD YAR2012-20163.83MBS (4-Year) in Geology   
 11. Department of Software Engineering
101120110190031USMAN SALEEMSALEEM KHAN2011-20153.83MBS (4-Year) in Software Engineering718
10221206832ROOHULLAH JANNOOR UL HADI2012-20163.85M BS (4-Year) in Software Engineering   
10331206821MUHAMMAD INAMULLAHSAMIULLAH2012-20163.46M BS (4-Year) in Software Engineering   
10441206826MUHAMMAD AYAZGUL ZAMAN KHAN2012-20163.01M BS (4-Year) in Software Engineering   
10551206823SIRAJ UD DINMUHAMMAD ZAHIR SHAH2012-20163.05M BS (4-Year) in Software Engineering   
10661206815FAZLI MOLA JANMAMOOR GUL2012-20163.85MBS (4-Year) in Software Engineering   
107720110190010MUHAMMAD SALMANHAFIZ NOORUL HAQ2011-20153.17M BS (4-Year) in Software Engineering   
10881206804HUMA GULFAZAL WAHAB2012-20163.71F BS (4-Year) in Software Engineering   
 12. Department of Mathematics
10911217035MUSHTAQ AHMADAKHTAR MUNIR2014-20163.88MM.Sc (Mathematics) FINAL617
11021201203SALMAN AHMADMUHAMMAD RAFIQ2012-20163.82MBS (4-Year) in Mathematics   
111320110040003NAGIBULLAHAZIZ GUL2011-20153.7M BS (4-Year) in Mathematics   
112420060040053AMANULLAHSAIFULLAH2011-2014 M Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics   
11352011430550IMTIAZ KHANKHAISTA BAR KHAN2013-20153.77MM.Sc (Mathematics) FINAL   
114620110040001SUNDAS BASHIRBASHIR AHMAD2011-20153.79FBS (4-Year) in Mathematics   
115720110040027SHEROZ GULSHAH ZAMAN2011-20152.63M BS (4-Year) in Mathematics   
 13. Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
11612011430048KHURSHID ALAMAMIR ZAMAN KHAN2013-2015702 / 1100M M.A (Journalism and Mass Communication) FINAL404
11722011430034SANA ULLAHMATIULLAH2013-2015779 / 1100MM.A (Journalism and Mass Communication) FINAL   
11832005770586SAEED ULLAHFATEH GUL2014-2016729 / 1100M M.A (Journalism and Mass Communication) FINAL   
11942007770012TARIQ ULLAHSAEED JAN2014-2016527 / 1100M M.A (Journalism and Mass Communication) FINAL   
 14. Department of Economics
12011202833ASIM ALI KHANMUHAMMAD ALI KHAN2012-20162.81M BS (4-Year) in Economics808
121220110080046MUHAMMAD FAWAD KHANFAZAL RAHMAN2011-20152.74M BS (4-Year) in Economics   
122320110080038MAJID ULLAHMUHAMMAD FEROZ2011-20152.95M BS (4-Year) in Economics   
123420110080032HAYAT SHAHIDUMAR WAHID2011-20153.52M BS (4-Year) in Economics   
124520110080035TAJ HASSANMUHAMMAD HUSSAIN2011-20153.57MBS (4-Year) in Economics   
125620110080044YASIN KHANIHSAN UR RAHMAN2011-20153M BS (4-Year) in Economics   
12671202815MUHAMMAD JAWAD KHANNAZEEM KHAN2012-20163.86MBS (4-Year) in Economics   
12781202834RIAZ BADSHAHHAZIR KHAN2012-20163.44M BS (4-Year) in Economics   
 15. Department of Political Science
12811223569NASEEB RAWAN SHAHMUSLIM SHAH2014-2016768 / 1100M M.A (Political Science) FINAL617
12921225596FAIZ TALAB KHANZOOR TALAB KHAN2014-2016580 / 1100M M.A (Political Science) FINAL   
13031308405MIAN AKBAR SAIDMIAN SAID RAHMAN2014-2016622 / 1100M M.A (Political Science) FINAL   
13141408401MUHAMMAD HASHAM KHANSHERIN BADSHAH2014-2016612 / 1100M M.A (Political Science) FINAL   
13251217101SHAFIQ UR RAHMANFAZAL RAHMAN2014-2016713 / 1100M M.A (Political Science) FINAL   
13361308401UZMAHAJI NAWAB2013-2015F  M.A (Political Science) FINAL   
13472011730964SHER HASSANMUHAMMAD KHAN2013-2015730 / 1100M M.A (Political Science) FINAL   
 16. Department of Tourism & Hotel Management
13511222584SALMAN ALIJAVID ASHRAF KHAN2014-20163.93MM.A (Tourism & Hotel Management) FINAL101
 17. Department of Pashto & Orintal Languages
13612007790026NEELAM BANOGHULAM YOUSAF2013-2015876 / 1100FM.A (Pashto) FINAL112
13722010480066HAZRAT ULLAHTOOR JAN2014-2016833 / 1100MM.A (Pashto) FINAL   
 18. Department of Law
13812011470047AMINA BIBISAID REHMAN2013-20161265 / 2100F Bachelor of Law112
13921306405SHAFQAT ULLAHABDUL HADI2013-20161443 / 2100M Bachelor of Law   
 19. Department of Computer Science
140120110210034EMAD ULLAHMUHAMMAD GUL2011-201577.67MBS (4-Year) in Information Technology909
141220110010022IMRAN ALI SHAHAKBAR SHAH2011-201586.71MBS (4-Year) in Computer Science   
14231300082SALMANFARMAN ULLAH2013-201580.75MM.Sc (Computer Science) FINAL   
14341200009YAR MUHAMMADBACHA MUHAMMAD2012-201687.2MBS (4-Year) in Computer Science   
14451207217WAQAS GULWARIS GUL2012-201684.25MBS (4-Year) in Information Technology   
14561217053SHAHID HUSSAINTOTI UR RAHMAN2014-201688.42MM.Sc (Computer Science) FINAL   
146720070010024RAFIQ AHMAD KHANAMIR ZAMAN KHAN2012-20153.24M M.Phil Computer Science   
14782009430105ISMAIELSHAH MAZIR GUL2012-2014998 / 1200MM.Sc (Computer Science) FINAL   
14891200021RIZWAN MUNIRAKHTAR MUNIR2012-20163.79MBS (4-Year) in Computer Science   
 20. Department of Commerce & Management Science
14912010730705HAMID ULLAHIQBAL MUHAMMAD 2012-20163.05M MBA 3.5 Year606
15021202501IMRAN KHANGUL FARAZ KHAN2012-20163.74MMBA 3.5 Year   
15132009430463FAYAZ AHMADMUHAMMAD AMIN2011-20152.91M MBA 3.5 Year   
152420110070009IJAZ AHMADGUL SHAHZADA2011-20153.76MBS (4-Year) in BBA   
153520110070002KAMIL ARSHADMUHAMMAD RASHID KHAN2011-20153.55M BS (4-Year) in BBA   
15462009730876WASEEM AHMADSAID HALIM2011-20153.94MBS (4-Year) in BBA   
 21. Department of English
15511202013ZALINDA YOUNASMUHAMMAD YOUNAS KHAN2012-20163.12F BS (4-Year) in English628
15621202018TARIQ ULLAHMUHAMMAD IQBAL2012-20163.76MBS (4-Year) in English   
157320110060017MUHAMMAD MANZOOR ALAMSHEHZADA SALIM2011-20153.67MBS (4-Year) in English   
158420110060012NIMAT ULLAHMUHAMMAD INAYAT ULLAH2011-20152.83M BS (4-Year) in English   
159520110060022WISAL AHMAD JANSHER BAHADAR2011-20153.29M BS (4-Year) in English   
16062010430153KIRAMAT ULLAHMATIULLAH2014-2016663 / 1100M M.A (English) FINAL   
161720110060021ZAHEER UD DINHABIB UD DIN2011-20153.28M BS (4-Year) in English   
16281402047AZIZ UN NISAGUL ZADA2014-2016630 / 1100F M.A (English) FINAL   
 22. Department of Education
16311421302TAHIRA RIAZSYED RIAZ ALI SHAH2015-2016684 / 900FM.Ed123
16422008080051MEHNAZ FAZALFAZAL UR RAHMAN2014-2015651 / 900FM.Ed   
16531506042FARJAD SIKANDARSHER BADSHAH2015-2016718 / 1100M B.Ed   
 23. Department of Environmental Science
16611217550TAHIR ZAMANBAKHT ZAMAN KHAN2012-20163.63M BS (4-Year) in Environmental Science101
 24. Department of Sociology
16712007760258BAKHTAWARNASIB DOST2014-20163.75F Master in Philosophy in Sociology9111
168220080050059IHSAN ULLAHBAKHT KARAM2012-2014 M Master in Philosophy in Sociology   
16932007430275RAFI ULLAHATTI ULLAH2013-2015 M Master in Philosophy in Sociology   
170420070050020MUHAMMAD ASGHAR KHANLAIQ KHAN2012-2014 M Master in Philosophy in Sociology   
171520100050014BASIT ALIHADI KHAN2015-2017 M Master in Philosophy in Sociology   
17262008770912SANA ULLAHABDUL HADI2015-2017 M Master in Philosophy in Sociology   
17371301643TAZEEMMUHAMMAD SERAJ2013-2015694 / 1100M M.A Sociology   
17481301646SAIF ULLAHUSMAN ALI2013-2015847 / 1100MM.A Sociology   
17591201609WASIQ AHMADAHMAD BADSHAH2012-20163.68MBS (4-Year) in Sociology   
1761020100050032IBRAR AHMADGHULAM AHAD2010-20143.19M BS (4-Year) in Sociology   
1771120020050019WASEEM KHANMUHAMMAD WAHID KHAN2011-2015M Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology   
 25. Department of Psychology
17811227522ISMAT BIBISHAH ZAMIN2014-2016933 / 1200FM.Sc in Psychology246
17921408801KALSOOM BIBIKHAN BADSHAH2014-2016846 / 1200F M.Sc in Psychology   
18031230240SHAZMA GULSHAIR MUHAMMAD KHAN2014-2016890 / 1200F M.Sc in Psychology   
18142011220048NEGHAT BANOMUHAMMAD LUQMAN2013-2015936 / 1200FM.Sc in Psychology   
18252011560065NAEEMULLAHSAMIULLAH2014-2016752 / 1200M M.Sc in Psychology   
18362010430211IRFAN ULLAHMUHAMMAD KAREEM KHAN2014-2016849 / 1200M M.Sc in Psychology  
Total Apply for convocation 2019 = 183