Award list of written/screening test for the position of Assistant Registrar (L & M) on contract and fixed pay

Note : Passing marks are 60% (70*.60=42), Interview of the passed candidates in test is scheduled on 01/11/2018 Test Date : 31/10/2018

Roll.No Name Father Name Marks in figures Marks in words Remarks
101 Salman ul Haq Ihasan ul Haq 33 Thirty Three Failed
102 Muhammd Hamayun Haji Moin ud Din 36 Thirty Six Failed
103 Sajid Mehmood Muhammad Haleem 32 Thirty Two Failed
104 Abid Nawaz Khan Muhammad Nawaz Khan 31 Thirty One Failed
105 Rafiq Azam Badshah Fazal Ahad 26 Twenty Six Failed
106 Riaz Ali Ali Haider 33 Thirty Three Failed
107 Abdul Rahman Hakim Bahadar 22 Twenty Two Failed
108 Waseem Shahzad Muhammad Sher Shah 38 Thirty Eight Failed
109 Falak Naz Khan Ahmad Amin Khan 28 Twenty Eight Failed
110 Muhammad Israr Muhammad Yar 33 Thirty Three Failed
111 Arshad Saleem Shafiq ur Rehman 26 Twenty Six Failed
112 Zia ur Rehman Khalil ur Rehman 34 Thirty Four Failed
113 Shakil Ahmad Khan Rustam Ali Khan 22 Twenty Two Failed
114 Khan Zarin Shah Zarin 28 Twenty Eight Failed
115 Jamal Shah Muhammad Shah 31 Thirty One Failed
116 Khaliq Ayub Muhammad Ayub 43 Fourty Three Passed
117 Zeeshan Younas Bahadar Khan 40 Fourty Failed
118 Abid Hayat Safi Amir Gul 45 Fourty Five Passed
119 Waqar Ahmad Najab Khan 28 Twenty Eight Failed
120 Muhammad Basir Khalid Liaqat ul Mulk 19 Nineteen Failed
121 Waheed Ullah Tasbih Ullah 34 Thirty Four Failed