M.Sc. Zoology (2 years)

Course Duration: 2 years
Eligibility Criteria: 2-years BSc with Zoology subject, with at least 45% marks in BSc, HSSC, and SSC

M.Sc Previous Year

Paper 1 (Zoo. 111/112/113/114) Environmental Biology, Economic Zoology, Zoogeography and Wild life of Pakistan
Paper II (Zoo. 121/122)  Palaeontology & Evolution
Paper III (Zoo. 131/132) Genetics & Biostatistics   
Paper IV (Zoo. 141/142)  Taxonomy & Animal Behavior
Paper V (Zoo. 151/152) Cell Biology & Developmental Biology


M.Sc Final Year

Paper VI (Zool. 261/262) Biochemistry & Physiology
Paper  VII   (Zoo.27E-A) Entomology-A  
Paper  VIII  (Zoo.28E-B) Entomology-B          
Paper VII (Zoo.27P-A) Parasitology-A
Paper VIII (Zoo.28P-B) Parasitology-B      
Paper VII (Zoo.27F-A) Fisheries-A     
Paper VIII (Zoo.28F-B) Fisheries-B   
Paper IX (Zoo.291/292) Medical Microbiology and Biotechnology

Thesis                                                                                                                        200
Note: In lieu of thesis a student can opt any one of the special papers. Each of the special papers includes paper VII (A) & VIII (B) of entomology/ fisheries/ parasitology. Non research student will have to opt two of the special papers

Special Papers (Entomology A & B, Parasitology A & B,  Fisheries A& B)
Paper VII   (Zoo.27E-A)                    Entomology-A           
Paper VIII  (Zoo.28E-B)                    Entomology-B 
Paper VII (Zoo.27P-A)                      Parasitology-A      
Paper VIII (Zoo.28P-B)                     Parasitology-B                                                                                   
Paper VII (Zoo.27F-A)                      Fisheries-A
Paper VIII (Zoo.28F-B)                    Fisheries-B     

University of Malakand - Pakistan