MA Tourism and Hotel Management (2 years)

MA in Tourism & Hotel Management 2-Years Program
Master in Tourism & Hotel Management is 2 years program having 4 semesters. Students will be required to earn 69 credit hours to complete this program (degree course). Degree will be titled “Master in Tourism & Hotel Management”.
This program is designed to prepare well rounded graduates for employment in Hospitality & tourism industry nationally and internationally.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission:

  • BA/ B.Sc or equivalent qualification endorsed by HEC.
  • 45% marks from any recognized University.
  • Admission interview qualification. 

Description of Course
Semester I

C. Code Title CH
T&HM-401 Introduction to Hospitality 03
T&HM-402 Tourism concepts & Principles 03
T&HM-301 Cultural Resource Management 03
T&HM-403 Tour Guiding & Travel Operations 03
T&HM-302 Business Communication 03
T&HM-404 Hotel Management I (Front Office Management) 03
Total Credit Hours 18

Semester II

C. Code Title CH
T&HM-405 Hotel Operations 04
T&HM-303 Organizational & Consumer Behavior 03
T&HM-406 Tourism Management 04
T&HM-407 Hotel Management II (Housekeeping Management) 03
T&HM-408 Hotel Management III (Food & Beverage Service) 03
Total Credit Hours 17

Semester III

C. Code Title CH
T&HM-409 Event Management 03
T&HM-304 Total Quality Management 03
T&HM-410 Tourism Marketing 03
T&HM-305 Accounting & Finance 03
T&HM-411 Hotel Management IV (Food & Beverage Production) 04
Total Credit Hours 16

Semester IV

C. Code Title CH
T&HM-306 Human Resource Management 03
T&HM-412 Tourism & Hospitality Law 03
T&HM-413 Tourism Policy and Planning 03
T&HM-307 Small and Medium Enterprises 03
T&HM-414 Research Methodology 03
  Internship/Presentation/Viva Voce 03
Total Credit Hours 18

University of Malakand - Pakistan