MSc Statistics (2 years)

The 2-year M.Sc program is designed to deepen the understanding of core topics in Infrentioal statistics, probability theory,  sampling theory etc. In addition, research and thesis wirting may be the requirement of the degree.

Eligibility Criterion for Admission.

  • BA/BSc or equivalent with at least second division from recognized University.
  • At least 45% marks in SSC and HSSC.

M. Sc. Statistics (Previous)

Paper I Statistical Methods 100 marks
Paper II Probability and Probability Distributions 100 marks
Paper III Sampling and Survey Methods 100 marks
Paper IV Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis 100 marks
Paper V Data Processing and Statistical Computing 100 marks
Practical I Based on Papers I & III 50 marks
Practical II Based on Papers I & IV 50 marks
  Total 600 marks

M.Sc. Statistics (Final)

Paper VI Design and Analysis of Experiments 100 marks
Paper VII Statistical Inference 100 marks
Paper VIII Regression Analysis and Econometrics 100 marks
  Any two of the following options 200 marks
Paper IX Multivariate Analysis  
Paper X Operations Research  
Paper XI Stochastic Process  
Paper XII Population Studies  
Paper XIII Statistical quality control and reliability  
Paper XIV Time series analysis  and forecasting  
Paper XVI Official Statistics  
Paper XVII Survival Analysis  
Paper XVIII Biostatistics and Epidemiology  
Paper  XIX Statistics and Information Technology  
Paper XX Thesis 100 marks
Practical-I Based on Paper-VI 50 marks
Practical-II Based on Paper VII and VIII 50 marks
  Total 600 marks

Note: Optional courses will be offered subject to the availability of the teachers and facilities.

University of Malakand - Pakistan