M.Ed. (1 year)

Download B.Ed/M.Ed Curriculum for Session 2012-onwards

Master in Education is a one year program for graduates possessing B. Ed degrees. The field-based nature of the program makes it particularly attractive for those who are already working in educational institutions as teachers, head teachers/principals, vice principals and prospective teachers. The Instructional methods used in the program rely on a dynamic exchange of ideas among faculty and students. Successful graduates of the program can enhance their career prospects and can further enrich their portfolios.

The overall objectives of the M.Ed. Program is to prepare teachers/educators with adequate knowledge, skills and command of issues necessary for designing, implementing, teaching, supervising and evaluating  various teaching and learning concepts, theories and practices in the field of education.

Course Methodology
Through interactive lectures, discussions and hands on experiences, this course enables students to get acquainted with the philosophy, assumptions and principles in teaching and learning and leadership in education.  The course gives students an opportunity to creatively work with diverse data types and produce coherent and relevant explanations and interpretations using different theoretical and practical experiences in the vast field of teaching and learning.

Compulsory Subjects    Marks:     700

Paper Title of the Course Total Marks
Paper1 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 100
Paper 2 Curriculum Development and Change 100
Paper 3 Advanced Educational Psychology 100
Paper 4 Educational Planning and Management 100
Paper 5 Philosophy of Education 100
Paper 6 Research in Education 100
  Research thesis 100

Professional Areas    (Elective)                         Marks    200

Note: Candidates will choose any two courses from the following subjects
Paper 7 - Computer Education II
Paper 8 - Secondary Education
Paper 9 - Teacher Education
Paper 10 - Environmental Education 
Paper 11 - Guidance and Counseling



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