B.Ed (1 year)

Download B.Ed/M.Ed Curriculum for Session 2012-onwards

The Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) program is designed to professionally groom prospective teachers. The focus is on developing a deep understanding of pedagogical skills. The program presents a blend of theory and practical knowledge required to become a professional teacher.

  1. Core Courses      Marks: 600
Paper Title of the Course Total Marks
Paper1 Perspectives of Education and Contemporary Issues                                 100
Paper 2 School organization & Classroom Management 100
Paper 3 Educational Psychology 100
Paper 4 Measurement and Evaluation 100
Paper 5 Curriculum and Instruction 100
Paper 6 Islamiat / Ethics (for non-Muslims only) 50
Paper 7 Functional English 50

2. Elective Courses
Students will choose one of the following courses:                                         Marks: 100

Paper Title of the Course Total Marks
Paper 8 Foundations of Education 100
Paper 9 School, Community and Teacher 100
Paper 10 Comparative Education 100
Paper 11 Computer Education  1 100

3. Methods of Teaching
Following combinations of optional subjects are available:                                       Marks: 200

Paper Title of the Contents Total Marks
  Science Group  
Paper 12  Teaching of General Science 100
Paper 13  Teaching of Mathematics 100
  Humanities Group (Candidates have to select any two from the following subjects)  
Paper 14 Teaching of  Pakistan Studies 100
Paper 15 Teaching of Urdu 100
Paper 13 Teaching of Mathematics 100
Paper 16 Teaching of English 100

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