M.Phil / PhD in Chemistry

MPhil / PhD Major Courses

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Course # Title of Course Credit Hours
Chem. 701 Voltametric Techniques 3
Chem.702 Separation Techniques 3
Chem.703 Atomic Spectroscopy 3
Chem.704 Electrochemistry, Potentiometry, Conductometry and Coulometry 3
Chem.705 Environmental Chemical Analysis 3
Chem.801 Advance Chemical Analysis 3
Chem.802 Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry 3
Chem.901 Modern Chromatographic Techniques 3
Chem.710 Physical Structure of Porous Materials 3
Chem.711 Applied Polymer Chemistry 3
Chem.712 Industrial Process Chemistry 3
Chem.713 Corrosion and its Prevention 3
Chem.810 Advance Applied Chemistry 3
Chem.811 Special Topics in Applied Chemistry 3
Chem.812 Technology of Fertilizers 3
Chem.910 Surface Nature and Characterization of Porous Materials 3
Chem.720 Biological Membrane 3
Chem.721 Molecular Endocrinology 3
Chem.722 Amino acid Metabolism 3
Chem.723 Molecular Biology 3
Chem.724 Isotopic Tracers in Biochemistry 3
Chem.725 Clinical Chemistry 3
Chem.820 Advance Biochemistry 3
Chem.821 Special Topics in Biochemistry 3
Chem.920 Enzyme Kinetics 3
Chem.921 Carotenoids 3
Chem.922 Lipid Metabolism 3
Chem.923 Protein Chemistry 3
Chem.924 Sterol/Cholesterol Metabolism 3
Chem.925 Biochemistry of Antimicrobial Action 3
Chem.730 Atmospheric Chemistry 3
Chem.731 Green Chemistry 3
Chem.732 Atmospheric Pollution 3
Chem.733 Chemical and Environmental Health 3
Chem.734 Chemical Toxicology 3
Chem.830 Advanced Environmental Chemistry 3
Chem.831 Special Topics in Environmental Chemistry 3
Chem.832 Computational Radiology 3


Course # Title of Course Credit Hours
Chem.740 Technology of Solid/Liquid Fuel 3
Chem.741 Technology of Gaseous Fuel 3
Chem.743 Petrochemical Processes-1 3
Chem.744 Alternate Sources of Energy 3
Chem.745 Distillation Processes 3
Chem.746 Polymer Chemistry 3
Chem.840 Advance Fuel Chemistry 3
Chem.841 Special Topics in Fuel Chemistry 3
Chem.940 Advances in Petrochemical Industries 3
Chem.941 Advances in Catalysis 3
Chem.942 Petrochemical Processes-II 3
Chem.943 Advances in Petroleum Production 3
Chem.750 Radiochemistry 3
Chem.751 Nuclear Chemistry 3
Chem.752 Organic Reagent in Inorganic Chemistry 3
Chem.753 Bio-Inorganic Chemistry 3
Chem.754 Inorganic Reagent in Organic Synthetic Chemistry 3
Chem.755 Group Theory Applications in Chemistry 3
Chem.756 Advanced Nuclear Chemistry 3
Chem.757 Scientific Writing 3
Chem.758 Bio-Statistics 3
Chem.759 Radiation Protection and Radioactive Waste Management 3
Chem.850 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
Chem.851 Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry 3
Chem.852 Nuclear Biomedical Instrumentation 3
Chem.853 Research Methods in Nuclear Pharmacy Practice 3
Chem.854 Bio-Informatics 3
Chem.855 Radio Pharmaceutical Control 3
Chem.856 Project Planning and Management 3
Chem.950 Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms 3
Chem.951 Advanced Coordination Chemistry 3
Chem.952 Organometalic Chemistry 3
Chem.953 X-Rays Crystallography 3
Chem.955 Special Topics in Diagnostic Nuclear Chemistry 3
Chem.956 Biophysics 3
Chem.760 Interpretative Spectroscopy 3
Chem.761 Phytochemistry 3
Chem.762 Stereochemistry 3
Chem.763 Biosynthesis and Natural Products Synthesis 3
Chem.764 Organic Name Reactions and Synthetic Reagents 3
Chem.860 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3


Course # Title of Course Credit Hours
Chem.861 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry 3
Chem.862 Photochemistry 3
Chem.960 Medicinal Chemistry 3
Chem.961 Advanced Synthetic Organic Chemistry 3
Chem.962 Advanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 3
Chem.963 Advanced Physical Organic Chemistry 3
Chem.964 Asymmetric Synthesis 3
Chem.965 Biotransformation 3
Chem.966 Advanced Mathematics for Chemists 3
Chem.772 Molecular Spectroscopy 3
Chem.870 Advanced Physical Chemistry 3
Chem.871 Special Topics in Physical Chemistry 3
Chem.970 Quantum Chemistry 3
Chem.971 Surface Chemistry 3
Chem.972 Chemical and Statistical Thermodynamics 3
Chem.973 Thermochemistry 3
Chem.974 Advance Electrochemistry 3
Chem.975 Recent Topics in Physical Chemistry 3
Chem.976 Composite Material 3
Chem.977 Polymer Characterization 3
Chem.978 Nanomaterials and their applications 3
Chem.701 Advanced Chemical Kinetics 3
Chem.811 Gas Phase Uni-molecular Reactions 3
Chem.813 Modern Gas Kinetics Techniques 3


M.Phil / PhD Related Courses

Course # Title of Course Credit Hours
Chem.700 Computer Programming in Chemistry 3
Chem.706 Glass Blowing 1
Chem.707 Electronics Computer and Automation in Analytical Chemistry 3
Chem.780 Catalysis in Chemical Reactions 3
Chem.781 Ion Exchange Chemistry 3
Chem.782 Integrated Chemistry Processes 3
Chem.783 Methods of Determination of Reactions Mechanism 3
Chem.784 Advanced Instrumental Techniques 3
Chem.785 Computational Chemistry 3
Chem.786 Quantitative Problems/Interpretation of Data 3
Chem.787 Water Purification Processes 3
Chem.788 Combinational Chemistry 3
Chem.789 Research Methodology and Literatures Review in Chemistry 3
Chem.790 Chemistry of Biominerals 3
Chem.791 Chemistry of New Materials 3
Chem.792 Instrumental Method of Analysis 3
Chem.880 Heterogeneous Catalysis 3
Chem.881 Mass Spectrometry 3
Chem.882 Special Topics in Chemistry 3
Chem.883 Laboratory Practical Supervision 3
Chem.884 Term Paper 3
Chem.885 Seminar 3


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