Department of Pharmacy


Pharmacy is a multidisciplinary field and has the potential to bring about revolutionary changes in substantially increasing pharmaceutical production and alleviation of diseases. Pharmacy, being a life saving profession and is one of the best marketing segments, playing an indispensable role both in human health care system and the nation's economy.
Going to clinical aspects of the profession, we have launched 5-years Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) Program (Credit Hours 192) as per the requirements of Pakistan Pharmacy Council. Three batches of our Pharm-D Condensed program students have been successfully completed their courses and accommodated at all the teaching hospitals of the province for training.
Research is the basic requirement of any good educational institution, where both the students and teachers (researchers) see the science in its real sense. The department has launched postgraduate study program as well. At the initial phase we have started M. Phil Program but in near future we have also planned to launch Ph.D. program. Our department is in the initial stages of development and needs to be in collaboration with relatively more developed institutions of the country. To meet the present day challenges, interdisciplinary integration with other professions is necessary. For this purpose, we are also focusing on University (Department of Pharmacy) and industries links. At the initial phase we are linked / affiliated with Medicraft Pharmaceuticals Peshawar and Usawa Pharmaceuticals, Risalpur Nowshera with motive that the linkage will be expanded with passage of time.
The Department has experienced, professionally competent and qualified faculty members including three Ph.D.(One Foreign Faculty Member) and three M.Phil. Seven Faculty members are abroad on study leave for Ph.D. under HEC faculty development program. Currently three Faculty members are Ph.D. Scholars while seven are enrolled for M.phil. program in Pakistan.
Department of Pharmacy has fully equipped laboratories for pharmaceutical chemistry, quality control, microbiology, dispensing, pharmacognosy and pharmacology. On the whole, our aim is to produce quality Pharmacy graduates so that they may accomplish their tasks successfully to the best of their competencies in the better interest of the humanity.

Teaching, Research, Consultancy and Community Services


The Department of Pharmacy is committed to the production of well rounded international standard graduates in all areas of Pharmacy practices including Clinical pharmacy, Pharmaceutical care units, Industrial pharmacy, Pharmaceutical marketing, Quality Control and Community Pharmacy / Retail Pharmacy. We will maintain high level of integrity and responsibility at individual and Professional level; and to conduct quality research, as well as offer consultancy to local industries and institutions to participate in community development projects. Our mission is to train the next generation of leaders and decision makers seeking to improve the health of the community through outstanding basic and clinical research. Major mission include highly accomplished, well-funded research faculty, multidisciplinary training opportunities, cutting-edge technologies, and opportunities for advanced training in both basic and clinical research.


  • To act as a leader of excellence and performance in its objectives in the country.
  • To serve the humanity through the scientific knowledge of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Degree Programs:
  • Doctor of Philosophy

  • Master of Philosophy (2-year programs, leads to 18-years education)

  • BS Programs (4-year programs, leads to 16-years education)
  • Pharm-D

Teaching Feculty

  1. Dr. Waqar Ahmad (Chairman of the Department)
    Associate Professor
    Ph .D Beijing Inst. Of Technology, China

  2. Prof. Dr. Mir Azam Khan
    Dean of Biological Sciences
    PhD (Pak)
    Post Doc. (Daegu,South Korea) Analytical Chemistry (Instrumentation)

  3. Dr. Munasib Khan
    M. Phil University of Peshawar (Pharmacology, Bio-Pharmaceutics)

  4. Dr. Mohammad Shoaib
    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. (Synthetic Organic Chem.) Jacobs University, Germany

  5. Mr. S. M. Mukarram Shah
    Assistant Professor
    M. Phil University of Peshawar

  6. Mr. Jehangir Khan
    Assistant Professor
    M. Pharm Karachi University (Industrial Pharmacy)

  7. Dr. Nasiara Karim
    Assistant Professor
    PhD (Neuropharmacology/Molecular pharmacology)
    University of Sydney, Australia

  8. Ms. Rukhsana Ghaffar
    M. Phil University of Peshawar (Microbiology, Chemistry)

  9. Mr. Mubashir Ahmad
    B. Pharm University of Peshawar (Medicinal Chemistry)

  10. Mr. Syed Wadood Ali Shah
    B. Pharm University of Peshawar (Pharmacognosy, Biochemistry)

  11. Ms. Mehrin Ghias
    Pharm-D University of Peshawar (Anatomy, Physiology)

  12. Mr. Jamil Anwar Abbassi
    University of Peshawar (Pharmaceutics)

  13. Mr. Abdullah
    Pharm-D University of Peshawar (Instrumentation Pharmacognosy)

  14. Mr. Maqsood Ur Rehman
    Pharm-D University of Peshawar (Community/Dispensing Pharmacy, Pharma Technology)

  15. Mr. Qamar Gul
    Pharm-D University of Peshawar

Faculty on Study Leave


  1. M. Junaid Khan
    B. Pharm GU, D.I. Khan (Biochemistry)

  2. Aziz Ur Rahman
    B. Pharm University of Peshawar (Pharmaceutics)

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