Department of Education

Education is overall development of human personality, guaranteeing individual, societal and national advancement in all spheres of human life. In the present day, quality education is the ultimate source which leads towards the realization of the dreams of achieving a respectable position in the committee of nations.  Department of Education, University of Malakand believes in providing quality education to young generation to enable them to play their role in national and international arena as creative, reflective, honest, responsible and competent professionals.

The Department strives to produce value laden professional teaching workforce who are abreast of latest knowledge of educational development, theories of teaching and learning and high order research skills. It also aims at inculcating positive learning attitudes, democratic behavior and making the prospective teachers life-long learners. The graduates produced render services in various educational institutions of the country both in the public and private sector with great professional fervor, enthusiasm and dedication and the department is proud of their excellent contributions to the society.

In order to achieve these objectives, a well furnished library, well equipped class rooms, and highly qualified teaching faculty including foreign qualified teachers are available for guiding and enlightening the aspiring teachers. Moreover, field trips to model schools and colleges are arranged from to time and renowned researchers and scholars in the field are also invited as guest speakers to inspire the students.        

Mission Statement

The Institute of Education & Research provides supportive learning environment to equip graduates with advanced knowledge and skills in pedagogy, research, educational leadership and management, and values for the development of society.

Vision Statement

The Institute of Education & Research as one of the leading institutes in the region aims to produce quality educators to cope with future challenges and harbor a peaceful society by tapping potential resources.

Values Statement

The Institute of Education and Research cherishes consistently the ideals of accountability, professionalism, collaboration and innovation in achieving its mission.

Definitions of values

Accountability: Responsible for one’s own actions and performances
Professionalism: Continual improvement in relevant competencies to attain excellence, strengthening individual and organizational integrity
Collaboration: Working with stakeholders through shared understanding of organizational goals, vision and mission
Innovation: Welcome new ideas, methods, skills and knowledge to meet emerging challenges.

Degree Programs:
  • B.Ed (Hons.)4 year degree program
  • M.A. Education
  • M.Ed
  • B.Ed

Teaching Feculty

  1. Description: F:\itbar khan.jpgMr. Itbar Khan
    Lecturer/Incharge of the Department

    MA Education (MS), Boston University, USA
    MA (English), MA (Political Science)

  2. Dr. Asghar Ali
    Assistant Prof.
    PhD in Education

Faculty of Study Leave

  1. Description: F:\itbar khan.jpgIqbal A. Shahnavi
    PhD (in progress) in Educational Psychology, International Islamic Univeristy, Malaysia
    MPhil Education, Australian Catholic Univeristy, Australia

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