Department of Botany


One of the distinguishing features of the University of Malakand is its location, which is famous for its floristic composition. It has also access to Sheringal and Swat collect and exploit plants for experimental purposes especially the medicinal ones of the welfare of the people of the area in particular and the country in general.
Seeing the scope of the subject for the purposes, the University has established the Department of Botany, we offer modern curriculum, and graduates are overwhelmingly successful in the profession.
We offer undergraduate degree in Botany, and graduate degree in M.Phil and Doctoral Levels with research ranging from Morph-metric to Molecular studies.
Our goal is to provide students with quality classrooms experience with opportunities for research in the laboratory, greenhouses and field, so that they acquire the biological literary, critical thinking skills necessary for successful carrier in education, industry, and government, to continue their education in graduate and Professional Schools. 


  • To provide quality education in the fields of Botany, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Biology and other related fields
  • To encourage research activities, exploring variety of technically feasible projects having socio-economic importance
  • To produce quality manpower that can fulfil the needs of tomorrow and compete in national and international arena of research and development

Marketability of the Graduates / Job Opportunities

The Botany Graduates can be employed in various organizations like;

  • Federal & provincial public sector departments like Education, Forestry, Wild Life, Horticulture, Floriculture, Agriculture, Research sector, Health, food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Research institutions and organizations like AZRI, PARC, PCSIR, NIH, PMNH, NIFA, WFO, PASTIC and Pharmaceuticals
  • Private sector organizations
  • NGOs (local, National and international)

Degree Programs:

  • BS Programs (4-year programs, leads to 16-years education)

Teaching Faculty

  1. sDr. Mohammad Nisar
    Chairman of the Department
    Associate Professor (BPS)
    PhD:  Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
    Post Doctorate: Gyeongsang National University, Jinju City, Korea
    Specialization: Biochemistry and Molecular genetics

  2. Dr. Nasrullah
    Assistant Professor (TTS)
    PhD (University of Karachi) 
    MSc (Federal Urdu University Karachi)
    Specialization: Dendro-ecology

  3. Mr. Ilyas Iqbal
    Assistant Professor
    PhD (in progress) University of Malakand
    M.Phil Department of Biological Sciences, QAU Islamabad

  4. Dr. Tour Jan
    Assistant Professor (TTS)
    PhD (University of Karachi) 
    Specialization: Tissue culture

  5. Ms. Saher Nasim
    PhD in progress     
    M. Phil (Peshawar University)
    Specialization: Ecology

  6. Dr. Kishwar Ali
    Assistant Professor (IPFP)
    PhD (UK)
    Specialization: Climate Change

  7. Ms. Nausheen
    PhD in progress
    M. Phil (University of Malakand)
    Specialization: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  

  8. Mr. Nazim Hassan
    Keeper of Herbarium cum Lecturer in Botanical Garden and Herbarium
    M. Phil (University of Malakand)
    Specialization: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  

  9. Mr. Shariat-Ullah (Study Leave)
    PhD in progress
    M. Phil (University of Malakand)
    Specialization: Ecology

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