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Department of Social Work Offers BS (4Years), Master (2 Year) and M.Phil programmes. Initially, Social Work Department was attached with the Department of Sociology however, over the period of seven years; the Department of Social Work has grown with respect to the students’ enrolment and number of teaching staff. The Department started to offer degree programmes of Master programme in 2009, BS in the 2011 and MPhil in 2012.  During the course of time Social Work has become one of the leading discipline of Social Sciences of University of Malakand. Besides teaching activities the department also regularly conduct Research and Fieldwork activities.

Mission statement of the Department
The mission of the Department is to prepare social work practitioners committed to promote social justice and human rights. It helps and empowers individuals, families, groups and communities by inculcating the skills, knowledge, values and ethics of social work practice.

The vision of the department is to train the social workers in order to promote social justice, human rights through micro and macro credit approaches of social work to bring prosperity in the country as well as in region.

Objectives of the Department
In order to achieve the mission, and vision of the department, the department is working on the below mentioned objectives:

  • To prepare social work students for their future roles a professional social workers for delivering services to the weaker sections of society
  • To equip the students for solving community problems through the application of social work methods and skills
  • To equip the students to advocate for social and economic justice in collaboration with multi-cultural diverse communities
  • To prepare social workers to take leadership roles in public social service organizations charged with responding to societal problems such as poverty, family instability, mental illness and child abuse
  • To prepare social work students to be the agent of change and to work effectively in increasingly complex, culturally and racially diverse communities.
  • To prepare students to develop and use research, knowledge and skills for the advancement of social work practice.
  • To prepare students to develop professional identity, which will incorporate the knowledge, skills, values, and ethical principles of social work profession that are crucial for the advancement of human rights and economic and social justice
  • To train and educate students to prevent social, emotional and behavioural problems to improve the well being of individuals and families and to support recovery process.

Marketability of the Social Workers /Career Opportunities (Post Graduate opportunities)

  • International organization like UNHCR, ILO, WHO, USAID, WFP, IFAD
  • National level organizations like PPAF, Handicap International, NCHD, Population Welfare Department and Parole and Probation Department GoKPK and National Commission for Child Protection
  • Government Departments like Social Welfare and Women Development Department, Health Department, Ushar and Zakat Department
  • National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA)

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