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Seeking of knowledge is required of all Muslims. This is emphasized in the Holy Quran and Hadith. In recent years, the study of Islam has become a significant area of academic Endeavour. The fast growth of this discipline is due to the emerging global importance of Islam as a political and cultural force and as one of the major religions of the world. In addition to this, the growing number of Muslims in the Western societies in recent decades has created the need for better understanding of Muslims and their beliefs in order to create a well-balanced environment conducive to racial and ethnic harmony.
The Department of Islamic Studies was established in 2010. It launched Masters and MPhil/PhD programs in the same year. These academic programs offer the students the opportunity to gain comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of Islam in both historical and modern contexts. These programs offer a diverse set of courses to familiarize the students with the main sources of Islam. Through these courses the students can learn the history of Islam and modern trends in Islamic thought with a further option of comparative studies.
The department is also responsible for teaching Islamic Studies (Comp) included in the BS courses of all faculties in the university.


v       Promoting Islamic thoughts
v       Rectifying unsound ideas and misconceptions about Islam
v       Highlighting the Islamic contribution and its impact on  human civilization
v       Promoting dialogue and cooperation  between different schools of Islamic jurisprudence
v        Strengthening intellectual links between Muslim scholars


Marketability of the Graduates/Job opportunities
v       Islamic research institutes
v       Federal and Provincial  sector departments
v       NGOs
v       Religious institutions (Dar-ul-uloom) 

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