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There is no decision, public or private, personal or social, local or global, that is not influenced by the perspective of an economist in one way or another.

As a science of allocation, production, distribution and consumption, Economics served, for all practical purposes, as a harbinger of peace and justice from time immemorial, particularly by enhancing production capabilities and devising equitable distributional systems.

Economics diagnoses any ills that might arise in the economy and endeavors to present a timely cure thereby preventing any spell over that could weaken parts of the social system on which the whole edifice of a nation stands erected. Thus economics assumes the role of a pillar without which a building would collapse, sooner or later.

The department of economics was established in the University in 2005. Initially, a 4- Year BS (Honors) program was launched but keeping in view the importance of the subject and the interest of the students, the Department has also started its MSc program in 2007 and the M.Phil program is in the pipeline. There are about one hundred and thirty four students currently enrolled in the department.


  • To impart in-depth knowledge of the subject
  • To develop professional behavioral characteristics
  • To impart analytical capabilities and critical thinking
  • To equip the students with quantitative skills
  • To aware the students with current national and global economic issues

Marketability of the Graduates / Job Opportunities

  • Federal and Provincial public sector departments: Planning and Development, Irrigation, Agriculture, Industries, Finance, Trade & Commerce
  • Financial institutions and organizations: Planning Commission, State Bank, Commercial Banks, Zari Taraqiathi Bank, Micro Finance Banks, PICIC, EPB, PIDE, Research Institutes
  • Private sector organizations
  • Bilateral and Multilateral International Development Donor Organizations: World Bank, UNDP, JICA, CIDA etc
  • NGOs (local, National, and International)

Degree Programs | Faculty Members

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