1 MP/PHY/01 Syed Ali Shah Mahir Ali Shah Malakand M.Phil Eligible
2 MP/PHY/02 Muhammad Tariq Abdul Wahab Swat M.Phil Eligible
3 MP/PHY/03 Altaf ur Rehman Mohammad Rehman Shangla M.Phil Eligible
4 MP/PHY/04 Badshah Uddin Muhammad Zameen Dir Upper M.Phil Not Eligible ( CGPA less then 3)
5 MP/PHY/05 Muhammad Minhaj Zahir Shah Malakand M.Phil Eligible
6 MP/PHY/06 Muhammad Maaz Muhammad Ilyas Malakand M.Phil Eligible
7 MP/PHY/07 Mujeeb ur Rahman Bakhtwar Said Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
8 MP/PHY/08 Irfan Sher Khan Sher Dad Swat M.Phil Eligible
9 MP/PHY/09 Salma Bibi Muhammad Zahoor Malakand M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: NOC)
10 MP/PHY/10 Nasir Iqbal Farman Ali Mardan M.Phil Eligible
11 MP/PHY/11 Hamid ur Rahman Umar Rahman Malakand M.Phil Eligible
12 MP/PHY/12 Asmat ullah Iqbal Hussain Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: NOC)
13 MP/PHY/13 Muhammad Irshad Bakht Zada Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
14 MP/PHY/14 S. Muhammad Nafees Syed Muhammad Yousaf Malakand M.Phil Not Eligible (Master 2nd Division)
15 MP/PHY/15 Shafiq Ahmad Muhammad Pervaish Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: NOC)
16 MP/PHY/16 Shahab Uddin Muhammad Ali Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible
17 MP/PHY/17 Ahmad Wahab Muhammad Malakand M.Phil Eligible
18 MP/PHY/18 Samreen Gul Gulzar Ahmad Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
19 MP/PHY/19 Shahid Ali Shamal Khan Mardan M.Phil Eligible
20 MP/PHY/20 Zeeshan Zada Sahib Zada Swabi M.Phil Eligible
21 MP/PHY/21 Ijaz Shahid Riaz Shahid Swat M.Phil Not Eligible (CGPA Less then 3)
22 MP/PHY/22 Jalal Uddin Muhammad Saeed Bacha Dir Upper M.Phil Not Eligible (CGPA Less then 3)
23 MP/PHY/23 Rahat Shah Shah Pervez Bajaur M.Phil Eligible
24 MP/PHY/24 Muhammad Iltaf Muhammad Khurshid Mardan M.Phil Not Eligible (CGPA Less then 3)
25 MP/PHY/25 Somia Sher Hayat Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
26 MP/PHY/26 Muhammad Sulman Ghafoor Khan Mardan M.Phil Eligible
27 MP/PHY/27 Muhammad Idress Muhammad Iqbal Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
28 MP/PHY/28 Bakht  Shah Zeb Dilawar Khan Bajaur M.Phil Eligible
29 MP/PHY/29 Usman Ali Muhammad Gul   M.Phil Eligible
30 MP/PHY/30 Shafiullah Muhammad Zubair Swat M.Phil Not Eligible ( Master 2nd Division)
31 MP/PHY/31 Nisar Ahmad Abdul Manan Mardan M.Phil Eligible
32 MP/PHY/32 M. Amjad Ali Qadim Uddin Malakand M.Phil Eligible
33 MP/PHY/33 Umar Ali Khan Ali Swat M.Phil Eligible
34 MP/PHY/34 Ata ur Rahman Saif ur Rahman Dir Upper M.Phil Eligible
35 MP/PHY/35 Mian Azhar Uddin Mian Burhan Uddin Malakand M.Phil Eligible
36 MP/PHY/36 Umar Farooq Fazal Wahid Malakand M.Phil Eligible
37 MP/PHY/37 Farhad Ali Swat Khan Bajaur M.Phil Eligible
38 MP/PHY/38 Sikandar Khan Fazal Mabood Swat M.Phil Eligible
39 MP/PHY/39 Syed Saeed Ullah S Sahib Sultan Swat M.Phil Not Eligible (CGPA Less then 3)
40 MP/PHY/40 Shahid Aftab Said Faqir Dir Lower M.Phil Not Eligible ( Master 2nd Division)
41 MP/PHY/41 Amanullah Muhammad Amin Swat M.Phil Eligible
42 MP/PHY/42 Asim Khan Muhib Gul Swat M.Phil Not Eligible ( Master 2nd Division)
43 MP/PHY/43 Muhammad Younas Muhammad Ayaz Dir Lower M.Phil Not Eligible ( Master 2nd Division)
44 MP/PHY/44 Ijaz Ahmad Bashir Ahmad Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: NOC)
45 MP/PHY/45 Zafar Muhammad Sher Muhammad Buneer M.Phil Not Eligbile ( Result awaited)
46 MP/PHY/46 Riaz Khan Soudagar Khan Mohmand M.Phil Eligible
47 MP/PHY/47 Sheraz Ahmad Samee Ullah Charsadda M.Phil Eligible
48 MP/PHY/48 Bashir Ahmad Abdul Jalil Mardan M.Phil Eligible
49 MP/PHY/49 Qaisar Alam Muhammad Sher Dir Lower M.Phil Not Eligible (CGPA Less then 3)
50 MP/PHY/50 Farman Ullah Muhammad Yar Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
51 PHD/PHY/01 Hidayat Ullah   Swat Ph.D Eligible
52 PHD/PHY/02 Muhammad Ayaz Ali Akbar Mardan Ph.D Eligible
53 PHD/PHY/03 Muhammad Waqas Muhammad Saleem Swabi Ph.D Eligible
54 PHD/PHY/04 Arif Ullah Murad Ali Charsadda Ph.D Eligible
55 PHD/PHY/05 Raham Zeb Bacha Gul Swat Ph.D Eligible
56 PHD/PHY/06 Muhammad Sohail Gul Nabi Mardan Ph.D Eligible
57 PHD/PHY/07 Attaullah Abdullah Mardan Ph.D Eligible
58 PHD/PHY/08 Anwar Ali khan Muhammad Ghafoor Swat Ph.D Not Eligible ( M.phil degree missing)
59 PHD/PHY/09 Gul Rehman Sher Muhammad Swat Ph.D Not Eligible ( M.phil degree missing)
60 PHD/PHY/10 Bahader Zeb Fardul Khan Dir Upper Ph.D Eligible