1 MP/PHRM/1 Inbisat Bakht Mehmood Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
2 MP/PHRM/2 Muhammad Wajeh Nek Muhammad Malakand M.Phil Eligible
3 MP/PHRM/3 Muhammad Faheem Nawshad Ali Malakand M.Phil Eligible
4 MP/PHRM/4 Nazir Ahmad Fazal Ghani Swat M.Phil Conditionally Eligible (Commulative DMC)
5 MP/PHRM/5 Irfan Ullah M. Amin Shah Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
6 MP/PHRM/6 Sardar Hussain Shah Zada Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
7 MP/PHRM/7 Fazal Hadi Fazal Karim Mardan M.Phil Eligible
8 MP/PHRM/8 Shahid Ali Hazrat Ali Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
9 MP/PHRM/9 Iftikhar Ahmad Wazir Muhammad Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
10 MP/PHRM/10 Arooj Rehman Khan Shams Ur Rehman Kohat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
11 MP/PHRM/11 M. Shahzeb Jan Muhammad Arif Charsadda M.Phil Eligible
12 MP/PHRM/12 Abdul Wahab Qureshi M. Roidar Qureshi Bannu M.Phil Eligible
13 MP/PHRM/13 Suhail Ahmad Khan Inayat Khan Mardan M.Phil Eligible
14 MP/PHRM/14 Ikram Ul Haq Maseeh Ul Haq Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
15 MP/PHRM/15 Zainab Begum Fida Naik Muhammad Malakand M.Phil Eligible
16 MP/PHRM/16 Jamshed Ali Gul Muhammad Peshawar M.Phil Eligible
17 MP/PHRM/17 Sadiq Hussain Fazal Wahid Malakand M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
18 MP/PHRM/18 Ikram Ullah Jumrooz Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Not Eligible (Pharm D DMC/Degree)
19 MP/PHRM/19 M. Mursaleen Alam Alamzeb Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
20 MP/PHRM/20 M. Asif Shahzad Shahzad Gul Mohmand M.Phil Eligible
21 MP/PHRM/21 Waseem Badshah Falak Naz Malakand M.Phil Eligible
22 MP/PHRM/22 Rahim Ullah Abdullah Malakand M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
23 MP/PHRM/23 Gulalai Haider Ali Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
24 MP/PHRM/24 Kashif Zia Faramoz Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible
25 MP/PHRM/25 M. Zahid Anwar Ghulam Rahmani Malakand M.Phil Eligible
26 MP/PHRM/26 Saeed Anwar Shah Qasim Swat M.Phil Eligible
27 MP/PHRM/27 Anwar Zeb Fazal Muhammad Bajaur M.Phil Not Eligible (Less then 60%)
28 MP/PHRM/28 Muhammad Alam Fazal Qahar Malakand M.Phil Eligible
29 MP/PHRM/29 Muhammad Sulaiman Saeed Ur Rehman Peshawar M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
30 MP/PHRM/30 Ismail Khan Sanaullah Khan   M.Phil Eligible
31 MP/PHRM/31 Zia Ul Haq Habib Gul Mardan M.Phil Eligible
32 MP/PHRM/32 Adnan Nadir Nadir Shah Swat M.Phil Eligible
33 MP/PHRM/33 Muhammad Israr Hassan Dali Mardan M.Phil Eligible
34 MP/PHRM/34 Naveed Ahmad Abdul Shakoor Buner M.Phil Eligible
35 MP/PHRM/35 Sana Ullah Fazali Rabi Mardan M.Phil Eligible
36 MP/PHRM/36 Kamran Saeed Rahman Said Malakand M.Phil Eligible
37 MP/PHRM/37 Mehmood Ahmed Jan Abdullah Jan Tank M.Phil Eligible
38 MP/PHRM/38 Misbah Ullah Jan Riaz Ali Nowshera M.Phil Not Eligible ( No Pharm D Degree/DMC)
39 MP/PHRM/39 Fayaz Khan Painda Khan Dir Upper M.Phil Not Eligible ( No Pharm D Degree/DMC)
40 MP/PHRM/40 Ihsan Ullah Sar Zamin Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
41 MP/PHRM/41 Iftikhar Shah Alamgir Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible
42 MP/PHRM/42 Sajid Ali Amir Zaman Khan Buner M.Phil Eligible
43 MP/PHRM/43 Javed Iqbal Ashnaghary Swat M.Phil Eligible
44 MP/PHRM/44 Kamran Khan Sultan Room Swat M.Phil Eligible
45 MP/PHRM/45 Ayaz Ali Sardar Ali Swat M.Phil Eligible (No Bank Reciept)
46 MP/PHRM/46 Muhammad Ilyas Shah Nawaz Khan Khyber M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
47 MP/PHRM/47 Ijaz Ahmad Sultan Hussain Swat M.Phil Eligible
48 MP/PHRM/48 Sana Sher Afzal Sher Afzal Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible
49 MP/PHRM/49 Ijaz Ahmad Ahmad Yousaf Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
50 MP/PHRM/50 Wiqar Ahmad Siraj Ul Haq Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
51 MP/PHRM/51 Faiza Majeed Abdul Majeed Peshawar M.Phil Eligible
52 MP/PHRM/52 Irum Saba Wilayat Shah Peshawar M.Phil Eligible
53 MP/PHRM/53 Ata Ur Rahman Abdul Maula Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D DMC)
54 MP/PHRM/54 Saleem Ullah Muhammad Hatim Shangla M.Phil Eligible
55 MP/PHRM/55 Irum Khan Abdul Ghaffar Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D Degree)
56 MP/PHRM/56 Muhammad Sohaib Noor Muhammad Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D Degree)
57 MP/PHRM/57 Fakhr-e-Alam Sultani Room Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Equalancy of CGPA)
58 MP/PHRM/58 Adil Javed Fazal Javed Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
59 MP/PHRM/59 Fawad Ahmad Fazal Wahid Swat M.Phil Eligible
60 MP/PHRM/60 Abid Azam Wazir Azam Hangu M.Phil Eligible
61 MP/PHRM/61 Asif Ali Khan M. Sher Khan Mardan M.Phil Eligible
62 MP/PHRM/62 Safdar Ali Noor Uddin Swat M.Phil Eligible
63 MP/PHRM/63 Arshad Ali Akbar Zada Swat M.Phil Eligible
64 MP/PHRM/64 Abdul Hafeez Wali Ullah Laki Marwat M.Phil Eligible
65 MP/PHRM/65 Bilal Khan Noor Muhammad Khan Hangu M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D DMC)
66 MP/PHRM/66 Mian Izhar Ul Haq Mian Zia Ul Haq Nowshera M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D DMC)
67 MP/PHRM/67 Fida Muhammad Syed Rehman Waziristan M.Phil Eligible
68 MP/PHRM/68 Haidar Ali Rahmat Ali Swat M.Phil Eligible
69 MP/PHRM/69 Wisal Uddin Hilal Uddin Peshawar M.Phil Eligible
70 MP/PHRM/70 Ejaz Hussain Sardar Hussain Nowshera M.Phil Not Eligible (Pharm D Not Completed)
71 MP/PHRM/71 Fawad Khan Rahim Shah Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
72 MP/PHRM/72 Israr Ahmad Akbar Hussain Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
73 MP/PHRM/73 Azmat  Sher Ahmad Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
74 MP/PHRM/74 Moeen Uddin Ibadat Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
75 MP/PHRM/75 Fatima Balquis Hamid Khan Bannu M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
76 MP/PHRM/76 Babar Ayub Bacha Zada Malakand M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Degree)
77 MP/PHRM/77 Niaz Muhammad Khan Zardad Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible
78 MP/PHRM/78 Ihsan Ullah Sami Ullah Dir Upper M.Phil Eligible
79 MP/PHRM/79 Muhammad Nisar Haq Dyar Khan Swat M.Phil Not Eligible
80 MP/PHRM/80 Noshed Khan Gulbad Shah Bannu M.Phil Conditionally allowed (Deficiency: MBBS DMC)
81 MP/PHRM/81 Irshad Ali Khan Ali Hussain Peshawar M.Phil Eligible
82 MP/PHRM/82 Syed Gohar Sultan Sultan Ali Swat M.Phil Eligible
83 MP/PHRM/83 Niamat Ullah Gul Zamin Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
84 MP/PHRM/84 Syed Jalal Ali Shah Mian Swat M.Phil Not Eligible (Less then 60%)
85 MP/PHRM/85 Muhammad Noor Shah M. Nawas Shah Bannu M.Phil Eligible
86 MP/PHRM/86 Muhammad Hashim Muhammad Ramzan DI Khan M.Phil Eligible
87 MP/PHRM/87 Uzma Habib Habib Ullah Jan Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D DMC)
88 MP/PHRM/88 Iqrar Ullah   Dir Upper M.Phil Not Eligible
89 MP/PHRM/89 Abdul Wadood Fazal Ghani Buner M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: No Bank Reciept)
90 MP/PHRM/90 Najeeb Ullah Haroon Ur Rashid Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: No Bank Reciept)
91 MP/PHRM/91 Mehboob Ur Rahman Abdur Rahman Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D Degree)
92 MP/PHRM/92 Aftab Ahmad Jan Ghula Saddiq DI Khan M.Phil Eligible
93 MP/PHRM/93 Naqib Ur Rehman Mumtaz Khan   M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D Degree)
94 MP/PHRM/94 Aini Pervez M. Pervez Khan Mardan M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D Degree)
95 MP/PHRM/95 Saghir Ul Maani Gous Ur Rahman Malakand M.Phil Not Eligible ( 56% in MBBS)
96 MP/PHRM/96 Izhar Ali Muhammad Qasim Swat M.Phil Eligible
97 MP/PHRM/97 Nasrullah Khan Amir Dad Khan Bannu M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-B DMC)
98 MP/PHRM/98 Abdul Sattar Fazal Muhammad Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: Pharm-D Degree)
99 MP/PHRM/99 Muhammad Ishaq Zainoor Muhammad Swat M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: No Bank Reciept)
100 MP/PHRM/100 Bakht Munir Muhammad Zubair Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible (Deficiency: No Bank Reciept)
101 MP/PHRM/101 Ibrar Ahmad Hazrat Ahmad Bannu M.Phil Not Eligible (CGPA Less than 3)
102 MP/PHRM/102 Zia Ul Haq Fazal Mahmood Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
103 MP/PHRM/103 Muhammad Atif Syed Dawran Shah M.Phil Eligible
104 PHD/PHRM/1 Abid Ullah Inayat Ullah Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible
105 PHD/PHRM/2 Muhammad Shuaib Badi Ur Rahman Malakand Ph.D Eligible
106 PHD/PHRM/3 Shah Nawaz Khan Noor Nawaz Khan Malakand Ph.D Eligible
107 PHD/PHRM/4 Qamar Gul Samar Gul Buner Ph.D Eligible
108 PHD/PHRM/5 Sohrab Ali Khan Wakeel Nawaz Khan Bannu Ph.D Eligible
109 PHD/PHRM/6 Zul Kamal Fazal Subhan Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible
110 PHD/PHRM/7 Assad Ul Haq Mati Ul Haq Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible
111 PHD/PHRM/8 Faizan Ul Haq Inayat Ul Haq Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible
112 PHD/PHRM/9 Haya Hussain Hazrat Hussain Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible
113 PHD/PHRM/10 Hazrat Ali Dil Faraz Khan Swat Ph.D Eligible
114 PHD/PHRM/11 Nauman Altaf Altaf Ahmad Peshawar Ph.D Eligible
115 PHD/PHRM/12 Khalid Usman Mumtaz Khan Laki Marwat Ph.D Eligible
116 PHD/PHRM/13 Fawad Mahmood Haji Ikram Mahmood Charsada Ph.D Eligible
117 PHD/PHRM/14 Haider Ali Akhtar Gul Swat Ph.D Eligible
118 PHD/PHRM/15 Asif Iqbal Din Badshah Karak Ph.D Eligible
119 PHD/PHRM/16 Ghaws Ur Rehman Hazrat Ghani Dir L Ph.D Eligible
120 PHD/PHRM/17 Imran Rabbani Fazal Rabbani Laki Marwat Ph.D Eligible
121 PHD/PHRM/18 Nisar Zamin Shah Said Ahmad Malakand Ph.D Eligible (Deficiency: M.Phil Degree)
122 PHD/PHRM/19 Said Muhammad Saif Ullah Khan Waziristan Ph.D Eligible
123 PHD/PHRM/20 Muhammad Ikram Muhammad Zarin Dir L Ph.D Eligible (Deficiency: M.Phil Degree)
124 PHD/PHRM/21 Salar Muhammad Nasib Dar Muhammad Dir L Ph.D Eligible
125 PHD/PHRM/22 Ghazan Khan Awaz Khan Bajaur Ph.D Eligible
126 PHD/PHRM/23 Ijaz Uddin Jehan Alam Dir L Ph.D Not Eligible ( No M.Phil Degree/Result)
127 PHD/PHRM/24 Mubashir Ahmad Sadiq Ahmad Malakand Ph.D Eligible (Deficiency: M.Phil Degree)
128 PHD/PHRM/25 Sajid Raza M. Raip Khan   Ph.D Eligible (Deficiency: M.Phil Degree)
129 PHD/PHRM/26 M. Taj Akbar Fazil Akbar   Ph.D Eligible (Deficiency: M.Phil Degree)
130 PHD/PHRM/27 Muhammad Nadeem Abdul Ghaffar Bannu Ph.D Eligible
131 PHD/PHRM/28 Zahir Rahman Amir Zaman Nowshera Ph.D Eligible
132 PHD/PHRM/29 Muhammad Rahan Ullah Gul Marjaan Laki Marwat Ph.D Eligible
133 PHD/PHRM/30 Naeem Khan Nisar Khan Peshawar Ph.D Not Eligible
134 PHD/PHRM/31 Muhammad Sher Qismat Sher Mohmand Ph.D Not Eligible