1 MP/CHM/1 Jehan Gul Khuna Gul Swat M.Phil Eligible
2 MP/CHM/2 Rizwan Khan Bahadar Sher Malakand M.Phil Eligible
3 MP/CHM/3 Gul Rahim Badshah Ghani Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
4 MP/CHM/4 Najma Bibi Muhammad Saleem Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
5 MP/CHM/5 Abdul Ghafoor Haish Gul Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
6 MP/CHM/6 Ammara Momeen Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible
7 MP/CHM/7 Gulaba Nawaz M. Nawaz Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible
8 MP/CHM/8 Sabeela Ali Lutf Ali Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
9 MP/CHM/9 Ghaws Ur Rahman Abdul Qadir Bajaur M.Phil Eligible
10 MP/CHM/10 Ihsan Ullah Jan Muhammad Bajaur M.Phil Eligible
11 MP/CHM/11 Robina Begum Muhammad Zaib Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
12 MP/CHM/12 Noori Muhammad Quraish Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
13 MP/CHM/13 Noureen Bibi Muhammad Nawaz Malakand M.Phil Eligible
14 MP/CHM/14 Ajmal Hayamin Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
15 MP/CHM/15 Sheema Abdul Mutalib Swat M.Phil Eligible
16 MP/CHM/16 Muhammad Imran Muhammad Bashir Swat M.Phil Eligible
17 MP/CHM/17 Ikram Ullah Sherin Zada Swat M.Phil Eligible
18 MP/CHM/18 Fazal Haq Fazal Rahim Malakand M.Phil Eligible
19 MP/CHM/19 Sajjad Ahmad Shafiq Ahmad Malakand M.Phil Eligible
20 MP/CHM/20 Muhammad Iftikhar Baz Muhammad Bajaur M.Phil Eligible
21 MP/CHM/21 Shaneela Bakht Biland Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
22 MP/CHM/22 Zainab Muhammad Jehangir Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
23 MP/CHM/23 Latif Ur Rahman Toti Rahman Dir Upper M.Phil Eligible  
24 MP/CHM/24 Salma Begum Faridoon Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
25 MP/CHM/25 Asad Ali Fazal Nawab Bajaur M.Phil Eligible  
26 MP/CHM/26 Aisha Kanwal M. Eisa Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
27 MP/CHM/27 Aneela Itbar Gul Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
28 MP/CHM/28 Rahim Gul Sher Zaman Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
29 MP/CHM/29 Maryam Bibi Abdul Jamil Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
30 MP/CHM/30 Hina Rahman Abdul Rahman Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
31 MP/CHM/31 Shah Faisal Sultan Muhammad Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
32 MP/CHM/32 Rasees Ahmad Fazal Saeed Swat M.Phil Eligible  
33 MP/CHM/33 Umar Wahab Bakht-e-Rawan Swat M.Phil Not Eligible (2nd Division in M.Sc)
34 MP/CHM/34 Huma Gul Ghulam Zakria Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
35 MP/CHM/35 Fazal Elahi Afriday Shangla M.Phil Eligible  
36 MP/CHM/36 Ikram Ullah Bashir Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
37 MP/CHM/37 Umar Ali Wahid Gul Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
38 MP/CHM/38 Rana Gul Aftab Ul Haq Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
39 MP/CHM/39 Sidra Zahoor Zahoor Ahmad Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
40 MP/CHM/40 Nazish Sherin Muhammad Sherin Swat M.Phil Eligible  
41 MP/CHM/41 Izhar Alam M. Alam Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
42 MP/CHM/42 Akbar Hussain Naseem Gul Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
43 MP/CHM/43 Miss Iqrar Pashmin Mian Swat M.Phil Eligible  
44 MP/CHM/44 Rizwan Ullah Muhammad Israr Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
45 MP/CHM/45 Saima Amon Gul Swat M.Phil Eligible  
46 MP/CHM/46 Hira Amin Amin Ul Haq Mardan M.Phil Eligible  
47 MP/CHM/47 Muhammad Usman Nadar Khan Swat M.Phil Not Eligible (2nd Division in M.Sc)
48 MP/CHM/48 M. Nasrullah Khan Eisa Muhammad Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible  
49 MP/CHM/49 Inam Ullah Mian Bakht Jehan Mian Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
50 MP/CHM/50 Aslam Khan Jamshed Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible  
51 MP/CHM/51 Sabeena Dalil Khan Swat M.Phil Not Eligible (Agriculture Chemistry)
52 MP/CHM/52 Sharif Ullah Sardar Ali Swat M.Phil Eligible  
53 MP/CHM/53 Naveed Ur Rahman Ghanir Rahman Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
54 MP/CHM/54 Nadia Kabir Abdul Kabir Swat M.Phil Not Eligible (2nd Division in M.Sc)
55 MP/CHM/55 Saddam Hussain Mumtaz Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
56 MP/CHM/56 Muhammad Sohail Ahmad Muhammad Shuaib Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible
57 MP/CHM/57 Hamid Ullah Muhammad Ullah Bajaur M.Phil Eligible
58 MP/CHM/58 Nadia Gul Fazal Dayan Malakand M.Phil Eligible
59 MP/CHM/59 Umar Zaman Badshah Rahman Malakand M.Phil Eligible
60 MP/CHM/60 Sumaira Miskeen Miskeen Muhammad Mardan M.Phil Eligible
61 MP/CHM/61 Nabila Ismail Swat M.Phil Eligible
62 MP/CHM/62 Saeeda Bibi M. Nisar Khan Shangla M.Phil Eligible
63 MP/CHM/63 Naveed Ul Haq Abdul Haq Swat M.Phil Eligible
64 MP/CHM/64 Zakir Ullah Khaista Faqir Swat M.Phil Eligible
65 MP/CHM/65 Irshad Hussain Saeed Ullah Dir Upper M.Phil Eligible  
66 MP/CHM/66 Haidar Ali Khairatee Buner M.Phil Eligible  
67 MP/CHM/67 Noor Islam Muhammad Kalam Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
68 MP/CHM/68 Muhammad Salman Muhammad Iqbal Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
69 MP/CHM/69 Noor Kamal Khan Sahib Jan Laki Marwat M.Phil Eligible  
70 MP/CHM/70 Salma   Ghulam Nabi Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
71 MP/CHM/71 Rafiq Ismail Buner M.Phil Eligible  
72 MP/CHM/72 Ajmal Khan Bahadar Khan Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
73 MP/CHM/73 Irfan Ullah Rahmat Gul Bajaur M.Phil Eligible  
74 MP/CHM/74 Shah Faisal Muhammad Yousaf Dir Lower M.Phil Not Eligible (CGPA ambiguous)
75 MP/CHM/75 Abdullah Mir Afzal Dir Lower M.Phil Not Eligible (lack of Master DMC)
76 MP/CHM/76 Javid Iqbal Jabar Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
77 MP/CHM/77 Muhib Ullah Tahmeed Ullah Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
78 MP/CHM/78 Samina Gul Hayat Khan Swabi M.Phil Eligible  
79 MP/CHM/79 Aziz Ullah Zarin Jan Swat M.Phil Eligible  
80 MP/CHM/80 Kalsoom Yahya Jafar Yaya Mian Swat M.Phil Eligible  
81 MP/CHM/81 Kifayat Ur Rahman Sher Ali Khan Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
82 MP/CHM/82 Bashir Ul Haq Ahmad Ul Haq Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
83 MP/CHM/83 Uzma Wafa Wafa Mohammad Swat M.Phil Eligible  
84 MP/CHM/84 Salma Jabeen Salim Khan Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
85 MP/CHM/85 Syed Sajid Ali Dil Aram Mian Swat M.Phil Eligible  
86 MP/CHM/86 Nasihat  Habib Ur Rahman Buner M.Phil Eligible  
87 MP/CHM/87 Saeed Ullah Jan Noor Ullah Jan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible subject to NOC
88 MP/CHM/88 Zakir Hussain Sultan-i-Room Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
89 MP/CHM/89 Nausheen Anwar M. Anwar Khan Nowshera M.Phil Eligible  
90 MP/CHM/90 Gouhar Ali Tooti Khan Dir Upper M.Phil Eligible  
91 MP/CHM/91 Muhammad Israr M. Saleem Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
92 MP/CHM/92 Abdullah Khan Zamin Gul Mardan M.Phil Eligible  
93 MP/CHM/93 Sehrish Naz Falak Naz Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
94 MP/CHM/94 Salman Abdul Latif Buner M.Phil Eligible  
95 MP/CHM/95 Mahpara Habib Habib Ullah Swat M.Phil Eligible  
96 MP/CHM/96 M. Arshad Iqbal Noor Muhammad Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
97 MP/CHM/97 Habib Ullah Muhammad Shah Khan Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
98 MP/CHM/98 Rabia Basree Tahir Muhammad Malakand M.Phil Not Eligible CGPA 2.84
99 MP/CHM/99 Umair Shah Jehan Mardan M.Phil Eligible  
100 MP/CHM/100 Hefsa Ayub Ayub Gul Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
101 MP/CHM/101 Rani Fazli Jalil Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
102 MP/CHM/102 Tajalla Arzomand Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
103 MP/CHM/103 Shadab Faiz M. Khan Malakand M.Phil Eligible  
104 MP/CHM/104 Tahira Begum Khadim Muhammad Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
105 MP/CHM/105 Obaid Ullah M. Ali Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible  
106 MP/CHM/106 Gulzar Ahmad Mahboob Ahmad Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
107 MP/CHM/107 Saima Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
108 MP/CHM/108 Haseen Ullah Waris Khan FATA M.Phil Eligible  
109 MP/CHM/109 Sakhawat Shah Hazrat Badshah Mohmand M.Phil Eligible  
110 MP/CHM/110 Hussain Ali Muhammad Rafiq Shangla M.Phil Eligible  
111 MP/CHM/111 Adnan Ali Khan Gul Muhammad Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
112 MP/CHM/112 Ziad Ahmad Hidayat Ullah Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
113 MP/CHM/113 Sadia Bibi Shams Ul Haq Buner M.Phil Not Eligible CGPA 2.76
114 MP/CHM/114 Layaq Zada Abdul Jabbar Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
115 MP/CHM/115 Tariq Shah Ali Shah Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
116 MP/CHM/116 Shafiq Ur Rahman Khaista Gul Bajaur M.Phil Eligible  
117 MP/CHM/117 Maryam Ghaffar Muhammad Ghaffar Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
118 MP/CHM/118 Imran Shah Bakht Afsar Shangla M.Phil Eligible  
119 MP/CHM/119 Haider Ali Alam Zeb Swat M.Phil Eligible  
120 MP/CHM/120 Muhammad Ilyas Fazal Sajeed Malakand M.Phil Not Eligible CGPA 2.84
121 MP/CHM/121 Muhammad Tariq Muhammad Qari Dir Lower M.Phil Eligible  
122 MP/CHM/122 Hazrat Bilal Ali Mumtaz   M.Phil Eligible  
123 MP/CHM/123 Samillah Abdul Mannan Swat M.Phil Eligible  
124 MP/CHM/124 Ashraf Ali M. Hakim Khan Swat M.Phil Eligible  
125 MP/CHM/125 Abdul Khaliq Aziz Ur Rahman Buner M.Phil Eligible  
126 MP/CHM/126 Abdul Rahim Fazal Hakim Buner M.Phil Eligible  
127 PHD/CHM/1 Qamar Gul Samar Gul Buner Ph.D Not Eligible NOC is for Pharmacy Deptt
128 PHD/CHM/2 Faizan Ur Rahman Noor Ul Islam Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible  
129 PHD/CHM/3 Aziz Ahmad Khan Bahadar Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible  
130 PHD/CHM/4 Nausheen Saif Ullah Khan Mardan Ph.D Eligible subject to availability of NOC
131 PHD/CHM/5 Irfan Khan Wahid Zaman Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible  
132 PHD/CHM/6 Sajid Hussain Sher Muhammad Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible  
133 PHD/CHM/7 Zahoor Iqbal Muhammad Naeem Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible  
134 PHD/CHM/8 Abdur Rahim Fazal Hakim Bajaur Ph.D Not Eligible
135 PHD/CHM/9 Muhammad Hanif Usman Ghani Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible  
136 PHD/CHM/10 Abdul Waheed Kamran Fazal Dayan Charsadda Ph.D Eligible subject to NOC availability
137 PHD/CHM/11 Mazhar Rahman Mujeeb Ur Rahman Swat Ph.D Eligible  
138 PHD/CHM/12 Khan Badshah Hamid Ullah Bajaur Ph.D Eligible  
139 PHD/CHM/13 Sher Ali Khan Haji Nazir Swat Ph.D Eligible subject to NOC availability
140 PHD/CHM/14 Muhammad Ibrahim Shah Zarin Swat Ph.D Eligible subject to NOC availability
141 PHD/CHM/15 Muhammad Ali Jamshid Khan Shangla Ph.D Eligible  
142 PHD/CHM/16 Wasim Ul Bari Ubaid Ul Bari Dir Lower Ph.D Eligible